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VH Mint: Roleplay 101 – A Walk Through The Streets Of Old Sheffield



– – – A V A L O N – – –

Mint Entertainment & Virtual Highway
Presents the
Nexus Hub, Avalon Nexus (128, 120, 27)

Welcome to the newly reconstructed Avalon – the RPG mecca for gamers!   New changes to Avalon include but are not limited to Swiss mountains, a harbor dock, an airport with moving planes and tracks with moving trains.

Avalon is an eight parcel VAR, (with a ninth center hub), that caters to gamers, role players, entertainers, and social animals of all backgrounds. Similar to the old movie classic, “Westworld,” Avalon is a multi-themed amusement park where everyone can experience various genres and themes.

Using years of experience in designing virtual landscapes and even more years of gaming experience in real life, Zoltan Mint has created a very comprehensive region for all your role-play needs!


Avalon Nexus
Avalon 8

The Nexus Hub – Not really a role play area, the Nexus Hub is a neutral place to gather and decide what world you would like to enter of  Avalon’s 8 worlds!  This parcel is located in the dead center of the region and has access gates (and teleporters), to every themed region in Avalon.  An information kiosk is available where all questions can be answered.  Classes on how to role play are frequently scheduled here.  Also the three role play rooms are high above this parcel in skyboxes, available through teleport pads..  Skybox game rooms are scheduled at a first come first serve basis and are free to use by all.


FERNDALE – A bustling medieval town and Kingdom. (Themes include Dungeons and Dragons, Skyrim, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and more!)

CASA DE ANGELES – A deceiving sleepy old western town. (Themes include the old west, Deadlands, Boothill, Hell on Wheels and more!)

SHEFFIELD – a moderate sized Victorian town full of intrigue and mystery. (Themes include Victorian goth, gaslight mystery, Call of Cthulhu, and much more!)

DESOLATION – A deserted and desolate location with random survivors. (Themes include Walking Dead, Mad Max, The Postman, zombie apocalypse movies and much more!)

53 – DARK – An organized metropolis with a Space Station that orbits above this high tech city. (Themes include Traveller, Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly and much more!)

NEW CLEVELAND – This high tech city is gritty and dangerous. (Themes include Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, Bladerunner, The Matrix, and much more!)

UNION LANDING – An average modern day city, with all the designs of a metropolis in the current decade…. Hmmm??? (Themes include Marvel and DC comics, True Blood, Twin Peaks, Heroes, Buffy the vampire Slayer, Supernatural, X-Files and more!)

SAINT MARIE – A quaint provincial town, located on the west coast of France, was once a beautiful destination spot for many touring Europeans. But now …. Hmmm??? (Themes include WWII stories and war movies and much more!)

So, as you can see, Mint Entertainment has paved the way for some awesome Role-play and exploring here in Avalon. Come join us and Invite your friends and lose yourself in the ambiance. Respect other visitors, tip cash where you can, and above all… HAVE FUN!!

Welcome to the Examiner & Route 66

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Virtual Highway’s New Year’s Eve Ball was spectacular!

The event was at the sensational Christmas sim and everyone
was dressed to kill. The ladies were elegantly attired while
the gents were dapper. The atmosphere was electric as we
rocked out to some amazing tunes. There was friendly chatter
and heartfelt cheer among the residents. This was truly
the place to be and if you missed it make sure to be there
at the end of 2016!

tiffany and gabe
geo and melina 2

Article & Photos by: Chocl8 Soul, VH Journalist

Virtual Highway: Build Contest results

2016 Christmas: Past, Present & Future Build Contest

Let’s give a round of applause to the winners of the Past, Present and Future build contest!

First Place: Divine Future – 3000Vs
Second Place: Cherokee Kuhn – 2000Vs
Third Place: Geo Falcone – 1000Vs

Congratulations and great job on your creative builds.

first place
second place
3rd place

Article & Photos by: Chocl8 Soul, VH Journalist

VH Entertainment: Grand Opening of PLAYBOY WORLD

Owner: Art Beverly

On 12/12/2015 Art Beverly had the grand opening for his virtual world renowned club Playboy World. It was an amazing event with many in attendance dressed to impress. The DJ was none other than Ms JaaJaaMarie Philly spinning her tunes. The night was full of dancing with a mix of music including some holiday tunes. Playboy World is definitely on the VH map now., so drop by soon.




You can visit there at the following URL: Playboy World

Article & Photos by: Chocl8 Soul, VH Journalist

Spotlight: Desert of Desolation

A Mint Entertainment Project.

Desert of Desolation

The Desert of Desolation is an Egyptian-styled adventure which is a very interactive roleplay experience that includes trap-filled mazes and a host of other surprises. You can totally get lost in your character or just enjoy the sounds and scenery. This desert has plenty to see so walk around, enjoy the sights, snap a few pictures and stay alive.


This adventure is both entertaining and challenging so please prepare to hang around for a while. Stick to the story line and pay attention to clues to keep you on the right path. This experience lets you explore and interact at your own pace with the ability to complete your quest at a later time.


Clicking the tablets reveals the book will decipher these hieroglyphics with a message in your local chat box. So don’t be shy click away and follow those clues. Take a moment to appreciate beauty but beware all that glistens isn’t gold! How far will you make it????


Kudos to the Project Team:

Zoltan Mint – Creator & Builder
Trixie Noel – Scripter and Trap Maker
Geo Falcone – Picker and Mesh Maker
Tendrik Carr – Test Player


The Project Team worked really hard on this adventure for over two months and it is here to stay in VH. There will be future upgrades which will include even more treasures which will eventually issue “Minty Tokens” to be redeemed at the Prize Kiosk in the future.

So what are you afraid of? Head on down grab your pith helmet, turn on the sounds and let your journey begin.


Article & Images by Purplshuga Soul

Spotlight: Christmas 2015: Past, Present & Future

Built by: Mad Tophat & Megan Cline
Decorated by: Dreamy Smurf

Virtual Highway proudly presents Christmas 2015 and this year’s theme is Christmas: Past, Present and Future.

15x1 15x2

The sim has been elegantly decorated to capture a breathtaking snowy winter time where Christmas is a story to be told as we visit Christmas in different eras. The past, the present and the future.

Walk through the streets of Christmas Past where you will be instantly taken back in time to a day where Christmas was its most charming and lovely. There are carollers singing in the streets, a horse driven buggy and quaint little stores to marvel. Look carefully, you may find the amazing Ben Franklin on your journey.

15x3 15x4
15x5 15x6
15x7 15x8
15x9 spacer1024

The gingerhouse, marvelous white snowy tree and excited little snowmen will lead the way to Christmas Present, where the streets are lined with the most picturesque and delightfully decorated garland any street would be elated to hang.

Christmas Present features charming stores for you to wonder and one of the most amazing Navitity scenes VH offers.

15x10 15x11
15x12 15x13
15x15 15x16
spacer1024 15x17

Christmas Future has a moving sidewalk and is bordered with gorgeous garland archs to guide your way into the Christmas of the Future. Looks like we’ll have lots of toys, gadgets, mechanic builds and colors to brighting our paths in the future. The end of this path will you’ll be happy to see the NORTH POLE destination pole!

15x18 15x19

And that’s not all… There is a building contest folks! YES! Calling All Builders, come one, come all. Bring your best Christmas builds to the building area on the Christmas sim.

In every corner, you’ll find snowmen playing, skiing, having a snow ball fight, serving hot chocolate, snow men and women flying around in the hot air balloon and snow people offering freshly baked cookies! Take a picture with Santa but be careful not to pinch the reindeer’s nose (smile)!

15x21 15x22
15x23 spacer1024

For a Wintry Wonderland of Christmas fun, come hang out at the Christmas sim today and be sure to look up, if you have been really good this year, you’ll see Santa, Rudolph and the reindeer driving Santa’s sleigh in the sky.

15x24 15x25
15x26 15x28
15x29 15x30
spacer1024 15x31

To showcase your store on the Christmas sim, please see Dreamy Smurf. We’d love to see your items as we walk through the times of Christmas Past, Present & Future!

Article & Images by DivaTease Podless