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Where Worlds Collide

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Where Worlds Collide

Owned by SunQueen Ginsberg

If you are looking to complete a room or design a theme room, look no further than Where Worlds Collide, located in the Upscale Portico Piazza Mall.

Where Worlds Collide is a quaint store full of exotic well crafted, home decor and furnishings that would complement any room of your VH home.

You’ll find the finest in one of a kind furnishings such as African Tapestry, Aztec printed rugs and Mayan Baskets, just to name a few. My personal favorite item is the Antler and Glass coffee table which is well textured and defined.

Other remarkable items would include lamps, dishes, picture frames, ceiling fans and cabinets, along with a host of other furnishings. All furnishings are animated with charming sits and lamps shine bright with a single click.

Where Worlds Collide offers affordable home decor items with fresh textures featured from areas around the world, with affordable pricing. Mesh items are available.

Landmark a spot to Where Worlds Collide and be sure to check out the coming soon area of the store to be informed of upcoming furnishings.

Reporting for the VP Journalism Staff

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where worlds colide