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Virtual Highways BATTLE OF THE DJ’S: 8/30/2015

The night at Festival Park was electric when the battle of the djs commenced, one amazing DJ after another showed their abilities. Those present were entertained by some of the very best DJ’s in the metaverse and everyone had a great time! One of the best parts was being able to hear so many different genre’s of music.

The judges for the competition were chosen based on them not being affiliated with any of the competitors. The judging did not have anything to do with the genre, but focused on the DJ’s themselves, and the job that they did.

Areas judged were:

Transition between songs
Voice Over Advertisement
Ability to Engage Audience

After some very hard decisions, as all the DJs were amazing, the judges announced
the winners:

1st DJ Papa Smurf Platinum Record trophy and 5000V$
2nd DJ Melli Fall Gold Record trophy and 3000V$
3rd DJ Lonewolf and DJ Scorpio Aeon (tie) Record trophy and 1000V$ each.

Many thanks to all those who made this event possible.

Winners were awarded trophies and monetary prizes.

Battle of the djs pic