Adventure Awaits…

Never Was

Owned by Virtual Highway
Created by Mint Entertainment

Virtual Highway brings you NEVER WAS an adventure that will stimulate your intellect as well as amuse your virtual  entertainment by offering engaging puzzles with wonderful surprises.

At the landing point, you will be given a note card with detailed instructions to follow to enhance the adventure.  Please be sure to follow these instructions to the letter so that your experience is unique and fun.

There are surprises, clues, and mysteries everywhere.  Be sure to check every corner, every wall and every room for clues and answers.  Also, be sure to pack your patience,  your intrigue and your curiosity  and have the adventure of your VH life.  I’d love to give you hints, but that’ll spoil YOUR fun.

Never Was…….. a mystical, magical, imaginative escapade created to provide you with one of the most thrilling and exciting experiences you could ever have in a virtual  world.

Written by DivaTease Podless
VH Journalist