Adventure Awaits…


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Are you scared? NO?, Well, Plan to be very frightened
SAW comes to VH for Halloween!!!!!!!

YES, The Halloween Thriller, SAW is Here in Virtual Highway!

Halloween of 2015 proudly welcomes SAW. Halloween experts took the very best of all of the seven SAW movies, starring JIGSAW, of course! Join us as we take this journey through the SAW Halloween Experience (giggles). Walk through and see the blood drenched floors that will make your avi shiver and quiver (giggles).

Dare to walk through the maze or horror as the walls hold 18 keys……. If you are really lucky enough to find the keys, YOUR NAME, will make it to the ALIVE BOARD. If you don’t find all 18 keys,………… well, I’m afraid, you died at the hands of JIGSAW.

In the Halloween Area, you’ll also find fabulous stores and a great area for you to party the saw chilling night away.

So…………….. DO YOU WANNA PLAY A GAME???? If the answer is yes, DON’T HESITATE TO COME FRIGHT OVER! Only, if you are brave enough….. (giggles).