Adventure Awaits…


Dreamcatcher 1 and 2 Estates
owned by VH Properties

If you are not yet ready to own regions or vars, and you want an amazingly breathtaking house that boasts of the most spectacular landscaped views you would imagine in VH, then look no further. DREAMCATCHER ESTATES 1 and 2 would be a perfect fit for you and your VH family.

Panoramic views offer views of the impeccable landscaping and waterfalls throughout both Dreamcatchers sims. You will escape into a virtual paradise walking through the cobblestone sidewalks or gather with your neighbors by the outdoor fire pit . We even have a tree house here! What more do you need???

Dreamcatcher Estates offers house rentals that range from 100V$ to 510V$ per week, depending on the size of the home. Also, prims will match the rental rate (for example: 310V$ rental is also 310 prims).

Homes are very easy to rent, just pay the mail box in the walkway of the home and move right in! Be sure to carefully read the guidelines that must be followed to ensure that all have peaceful and enjoyable living conditions.

Article & Images by DivaTease Podless