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Spotlight On: Adventura Mall

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Adventura Mall Spotlight
Owned by Virtual Highway

I must say that I was in total awe when I arrived at the Adventura Mall. The streets are paved with bricks and there are beautiful Magnolia trees scattered throughout the area. I had a feeling of nostalgia as I walked along the strip. It’s as if you’d expect to turn a corner and see an old time banjo band playing in the center. The overall view of this mall is just amazing. I really enjoyed the landscaping and architecture of the entire mall.

The stores are very spacious and offer high ceilings which are most appreciated as I am one that often have issues camming around.

For your shopping needs, Adventura is home to some of the top creators of Virtual Highway with a few spots available for rent. Stores currently at Adventura offer something for everyone. There’s fashion for men and women that includes clothing, skins, jewelry and footwear. With the rapid growth VH is experiencing, I would suggest you grab a spot of your own soon. If you are just into shopping be prepared to spend your V’s as there are many choices. You may see me parked on a bench under one of the trees.

Article & Images by Chocl8 Soul

Adventura Mall