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Spotlight Interview: Nina Armeteo

I had the pleasure of meeting with Nina Armeteo, a Virtual Highway resident and creator. She specializes in skins, shapes and more according to her profile. Nina owns the Urban 4 U Shopping District and her store Urban 4 U is nestled in the center of the vast boardwalk styled sim. There are stores for rent as well as other vendors.

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Chocl8 Soul: Please give me an introduction about yourself.
Nina Armeteo: Hello, my name is Nina Armeteo.  I’m the owner of Urban 4 U, a store specializing in clothes and accessories for women and men of all colors.
Chocl8 Soul: Urban 4 U is a catchy name, is there a special meaning for you?
Nina Armeteo: No, meaning just that were Urban 4 U hahaha.
Chocl8 Soul: lol
Chocl8 Soul: How long have you been creating?
Nina Armeteo: 4 years
Chocl8 Soul: Did you migrate from another grid?
Nina Armeteo: I’m on several grids as far as products i migrated from Avi Nation
Chocl8 Soul: Can you give a little more detail about your products?
Nina Armeteo: I sell make up hair cuts for men skins and clothing and some avatar enhancement items.
Chocl8 Soul: Is there anything else you’d like people to know about you and your products?
Nina Armeteo: i would like to thank all the customers that have come in and given my products a try and i would like to announce the launch of mystery gifts every month from Urban 4 U so if you haven’t checked me out give me a peak and thanks for your continued support.

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Chocl8 Soul: Is there a city your land is designed after?
Nina Armeteo: The whole city concept belongs to me. It’s designed with an urban theme.
Chocl8 Soul: Is there a real life city it’s modeled after?
Nina Armeteo: Oh, no. No, real life just me being a busy body
Chocl8 Soul: Well, I like it, very catchy!
Nina Armeteo: lol
Chocl8 Soul: lol
Nina Armeteo: Trying to be different……..
Chocl8 Soul: Well, thank you for your time Nina, I will let you know when the article will be out.
Nina Armeteo: Okay, thank you for interviewing me Chocl8 and thanks to Virtual Highway for this exposure.You can check at out Nina’s store and shopping district at the following URL:
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Article & Images by Chocl8 Soul