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Spotlight On: Royal CIty

Royal City
owned by Diamond Richez

Royal City is a wonderfully functional, interactive city where you can feel comfortable walking through the town and interacting with the different attractions. Go grocery shopping, mail a letter at the Post Office, get your flu shot at the Dr’s office, balance your account at the bank or just shop at the mall.

Speaking of malls, Royal City has a huge mall, filled with floors of items that will suit mostly all of your avi’s needs to include men and women apparel, hair, make up and much more. Royal City is not just your average shopping mall but its an all inclusive virtual city! Visit the school, Church or just have a swim in the community pool.

The main attraction to the mall is the Luxurious Fountain Room Ballroom and Night Club suited to fit all of your party and event needs. The Ballroom can be transformed to meet the needs of a Wedding, Birthday, Baby Shower or any other special celebration event.

StoneCold Diamond Templates is a new featured store that sits in the middle of the beautiful Royal City that specializes in templates for skirts, collars and many more.

Race now, to visit the beautifully assembled, African American Cultural Museum. Words wouldn’t do the Museum justice so race right over and view the art!

Royal City has a interactive working gym with functional machines, hair salon, patio, bedroom and furniture sets with charming animations and perfectly complimenting art. Coming soon…… animated kitchens for your homes! And yes, Royal City also sells homes in the sky, so far, choose from four.

You will agree, that experiencing all the happenings in Royal City will be a pleasurable and wondrous experience. Look to see you there soon!

Article & Images by DivaTease Podless