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Spotlight On: Portico Piazza

Portico Piazza M1

Portico Piazza Spotlight
Owned by Virtual Highway

Portico Piazza M2 Portico Piazza M3

The entrance to Portico Piazza is very well designed with wrought iron gates, Italian columns and pretty orange flowers. The mall directory conveniently offers direct teleportation to each store.

Upon entering the mall there’s a feeling of serenity something much appreciated by a serious shopper. The layout is inviting and easy to navigate.

Portico Piazza M4 Portico Piazza M5

The stores range in sizes and all are very spacious. Some are centrally located at ground level with a few on an upper floor. There are 2 very large rental spaces that are located at the corners of the mall. The stores are reasonably priced with a 2 week minimum rental.

Portico Piazza M6 Portico Piazza M7

Portico Piazza currently has many of Virtual Highways top creators and here are a few spaces available. Make sure to stop by and check out this astonishing mall. There is something for everyone whether you are looking forward to shopping or if you are interested in renting. Don’t miss out on this up and coming mall.

Article & Images by Chocl8 Soul