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Spotlight On: The Boardwalk

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The Boardwalk Spotlight
Owned by Virtual Highway

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Ever dreamed of a Classic Beach Boardwalk?  Well, of course you have, we all have!  Look no further, VH has a gem of a Boardwalk that would remind you of the southern end of the Jersey Shore or beautiful sands of Myrtle Beach.

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This oceanfront promenade is the heart of Virtual Highway and features one of the most elegant Hotels on the OS Grid.

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The Blenheim Hotel is a 5-star Hotel that offers the best in service and ample accommodations for you and your family to enjoy that weekend getaway.

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The Blenheim Hotel features a beautiful flowing fountain that leads directly into the Blenheim Casino where you can try your luck on the various games. The Blenheim Hotel also highlights the stunningly sensational The Peacock Ballroom. The Peacock Ballroom boasts of a Grand dance floor, a Grand Steinway Piano that is fully equip to handle any special event.

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The Boardwalk has a mile-long boardwalk full of games, food, shops and an amusement park that boasts of quaint rides, circus acts, a sports show and dancing featuring VH’s DJ Huga or DJ Logger.

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What are you waiting for? Come have a seat in the Steel Pier or just sit on the beach and look at the Lighthouse Take the landmark and enjoy the pleasures of The Boardwalk today.

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Article & Images by DivaTease Podless