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Spotlight: Christmas 2015: Past, Present & Future

Built by: Mad Tophat & Megan Cline
Decorated by: Dreamy Smurf

Virtual Highway proudly presents Christmas 2015 and this year’s theme is Christmas: Past, Present and Future.

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The sim has been elegantly decorated to capture a breathtaking snowy winter time where Christmas is a story to be told as we visit Christmas in different eras. The past, the present and the future.

Walk through the streets of Christmas Past where you will be instantly taken back in time to a day where Christmas was its most charming and lovely. There are carollers singing in the streets, a horse driven buggy and quaint little stores to marvel. Look carefully, you may find the amazing Ben Franklin on your journey.

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The gingerhouse, marvelous white snowy tree and excited little snowmen will lead the way to Christmas Present, where the streets are lined with the most picturesque and delightfully decorated garland any street would be elated to hang.

Christmas Present features charming stores for you to wonder and one of the most amazing Navitity scenes VH offers.

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Christmas Future has a moving sidewalk and is bordered with gorgeous garland archs to guide your way into the Christmas of the Future. Looks like we’ll have lots of toys, gadgets, mechanic builds and colors to brighting our paths in the future. The end of this path will you’ll be happy to see the NORTH POLE destination pole!

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And that’s not all… There is a building contest folks! YES! Calling All Builders, come one, come all. Bring your best Christmas builds to the building area on the Christmas sim.

In every corner, you’ll find snowmen playing, skiing, having a snow ball fight, serving hot chocolate, snow men and women flying around in the hot air balloon and snow people offering freshly baked cookies! Take a picture with Santa but be careful not to pinch the reindeer’s nose (smile)!

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For a Wintry Wonderland of Christmas fun, come hang out at the Christmas sim today and be sure to look up, if you have been really good this year, you’ll see Santa, Rudolph and the reindeer driving Santa’s sleigh in the sky.

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To showcase your store on the Christmas sim, please see Dreamy Smurf. We’d love to see your items as we walk through the times of Christmas Past, Present & Future!

Article & Images by DivaTease Podless