Adventure Awaits…

Spotlight: Desert of Desolation

A Mint Entertainment Project.

Desert of Desolation

The Desert of Desolation is an Egyptian-styled adventure which is a very interactive roleplay experience that includes trap-filled mazes and a host of other surprises. You can totally get lost in your character or just enjoy the sounds and scenery. This desert has plenty to see so walk around, enjoy the sights, snap a few pictures and stay alive.


This adventure is both entertaining and challenging so please prepare to hang around for a while. Stick to the story line and pay attention to clues to keep you on the right path. This experience lets you explore and interact at your own pace with the ability to complete your quest at a later time.


Clicking the tablets reveals the book will decipher these hieroglyphics with a message in your local chat box. So don’t be shy click away and follow those clues. Take a moment to appreciate beauty but beware all that glistens isn’t gold! How far will you make it????


Kudos to the Project Team:

Zoltan Mint – Creator & Builder
Trixie Noel – Scripter and Trap Maker
Geo Falcone – Picker and Mesh Maker
Tendrik Carr – Test Player


The Project Team worked really hard on this adventure for over two months and it is here to stay in VH. There will be future upgrades which will include even more treasures which will eventually issue “Minty Tokens” to be redeemed at the Prize Kiosk in the future.

So what are you afraid of? Head on down grab your pith helmet, turn on the sounds and let your journey begin.


Article & Images by Purplshuga Soul