Adventure Awaits…

Introduction to Virtual Highway

After several years in Second Life, beginning in 2007, and after exploring multiple virtual worlds in Opensim, we decided that we would start up a new virtual world.  One that would give people an alternative to the outrageous prices and shoddy customer service of SL, but with the stability of basic functions to enable people to create their dreams and enjoy their own virtual world.

We traveled to the other Opensim grids to assess their operations, and chose to start up our Virtual Highway but not open it to others until we could make it as stable as possible.  So many grids were starting up without things like teleporting or search functions working that we felt if we offered those functions on startup that it would be more desireable.  Virtual Highway has been up and running since 2009, but closed to the public until we felt ready.

We decided against the hypergrid because we wanted content creators to know their creations were a safe in VH as they are in SL.  We are not naive, and realize that any good hacker can get their hands on anything on the internet, but, we would make it as difficult for them as possible. We are registered as a DCMA Agent for handling content theft issues.

So the task of lining up the servers and finding the help of about five coders and programmers was tackled! Our dream started to come to life! This project is not, and never has been, a “get rich” scheme.  We set our prices comparable to other Opensim grids, at a fraction of the prices charged by Linden Labs, and set our minds on providing the best customer service we could.  Our full regions/sims rent for $60 USD per month and you are allowed 40,000 prims.  A builder’s dream come true! We also have $35 USD per month Homesteads with 5,000 prims and $10 USD per month Watersims with 1,000 prims available to anyone owning a full region.  We also offer rental property in world and FREE ISLANDS for you to enjoy.

Our servers are our servers are quadcore quad with 32 gigs of memory and 1 gigabyte network switches.  We are running five region servers at this time, and an additional 2 servers for data.

Virtual Highway has something for everybody!  Surfing beaches, ocean parks, beautiful ballrooms, clubs, parks and shopping.. along with roleplay areas for those who enjoy that part of virtual life.  It can be whatever our users choose to make it!  We strive for that feeling of community and even family!

Are you adventurous?  Do you want to be in on a wonderful alternative to your virtual world experience?  TAKE CONTROL!  DRIVE THE VIRTUAL HIGHWAY!

Come and join our world, and start making your own dreams come to life!!

Tiffany Magic
Logger Sewell