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VH Job Application

We are looking for active people who want to help Virtual Highway grow. Must be an ACTIVE resident for 30 days to apply.

If you are interested in being on Virtual Highway Staff. You must fill out application in full or they will be rejected.

Mentor Details:
*Mentors - Welcome New people to the grid and help them get set up. There to help them with questions or whatever they may need help with. (Must Be Friendly and Helpful)

Marketing Details:
*Journalists - To write and to assist in the publication of articles about VH events, grand openings, featured places; arrange and write-up interviews; assist in the continuity and growth of VH's web-presence. (N/A)

*Visual Media Tech - To produce photos, slide shows and movies of events, grand openings, features places; assist in their publication on YouTube VH website, social media sites, newsletter and in-world. (N/A)

*Social Media Tech - To post events in social media sites. To investigate new sites for suitability for posting there.

Events Details:
*Events Team Member -To liaise with Events manager and organize special events for holidays, grand openings etc. To assist in publicizing events. To organise charitable events and coordinate inworld gifts donated for events such as hunts, give aways etc.

Public Works Details:
*Public Works Coordinator - To publicize public works in the Forum and coordinate volunteers. Also to manage donations areas on holiday and other public works sims.

Tech Details:
*Tech - Coding, Bugs

* Scripting - Work on creation and debug of in world scripts and provision of support to other residents regards scripting

Learning Center Details:
* Learning Center Manager - To manage the Virtual Highway Learning Center in order to provide educational events for residents

* Property Management - Assist Property Manager to help aid residents looking for land, stores or housing in world.
Advise potential renters of the advantages of purchasing their regions through the website if they are looking for a full 40k.

If you are interested in any of these positions please fill out the application form on the VH Website..

When you are interviewed full details of the job title will be gone over with you.

VH Job Application
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