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Artist Spotlight: PINK VAMPIRE

Virtual Highway has some of the most talented artist any grid has ever seen. Today, we’d like to begin our first Artist Spotlight on PINK VAMPIRE!

PV7 spacer512
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spacer512 PV4

Christmas 2015 would not be complete without a visit from one of VH’s most talented artist, Pink Vampire. She performed the most fantastic renditions of some of our favorite Christmas tunes. Christmas Island, Merry Christmas Baby, I’ll be home for Christmas, and the Christmas Song we all love: Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire…, were just a few of the glorious tunes she sang in her fabulous 2-hour Christmas Angelic performance.

PV3 spacer512
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We enjoyed her beautiful Christmas tunes and her delightful personality as we danced at the beautiful Christmas sim, Christmas 2015: Past, Present & Future.

Article & Images by DivaTease Podless

Spotlight On: The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk01x21

The Boardwalk Spotlight
Owned by Virtual Highway

The Boardwalk02x11

Ever dreamed of a Classic Beach Boardwalk?  Well, of course you have, we all have!  Look no further, VH has a gem of a Boardwalk that would remind you of the southern end of the Jersey Shore or beautiful sands of Myrtle Beach.

The Boardwalk03x11 The Boardwalk04x11
The Boardwalk05x11 The Boardwalk06x11

This oceanfront promenade is the heart of Virtual Highway and features one of the most elegant Hotels on the OS Grid.

The Boardwalk07x11

The Blenheim Hotel is a 5-star Hotel that offers the best in service and ample accommodations for you and your family to enjoy that weekend getaway.

The Boardwalk08x11 The Boardwalk09x11

The Blenheim Hotel features a beautiful flowing fountain that leads directly into the Blenheim Casino where you can try your luck on the various games. The Blenheim Hotel also highlights the stunningly sensational The Peacock Ballroom. The Peacock Ballroom boasts of a Grand dance floor, a Grand Steinway Piano that is fully equip to handle any special event.

The Boardwalk10x11 The Boardwalk11x11
The Boardwalk12x11 The Boardwalk13x11
The Boardwalk14x11 The Boardwalk15x11

The Boardwalk has a mile-long boardwalk full of games, food, shops and an amusement park that boasts of quaint rides, circus acts, a sports show and dancing featuring VH’s DJ Huga or DJ Logger.

The Boardwalk16x11 The Boardwalk17x11
The Boardwalk18x11 The Boardwalk20x11

What are you waiting for? Come have a seat in the Steel Pier or just sit on the beach and look at the Lighthouse Take the landmark and enjoy the pleasures of The Boardwalk today.

The Boardwalk21x11 The Boardwalk23x11

Article & Images by DivaTease Podless

Spotlight On: Portico Piazza

Portico Piazza M1

Portico Piazza Spotlight
Owned by Virtual Highway

Portico Piazza M2 Portico Piazza M3

The entrance to Portico Piazza is very well designed with wrought iron gates, Italian columns and pretty orange flowers. The mall directory conveniently offers direct teleportation to each store.

Upon entering the mall there’s a feeling of serenity something much appreciated by a serious shopper. The layout is inviting and easy to navigate.

Portico Piazza M4 Portico Piazza M5

The stores range in sizes and all are very spacious. Some are centrally located at ground level with a few on an upper floor. There are 2 very large rental spaces that are located at the corners of the mall. The stores are reasonably priced with a 2 week minimum rental.

Portico Piazza M6 Portico Piazza M7

Portico Piazza currently has many of Virtual Highways top creators and here are a few spaces available. Make sure to stop by and check out this astonishing mall. There is something for everyone whether you are looking forward to shopping or if you are interested in renting. Don’t miss out on this up and coming mall.

Article & Images by Chocl8 Soul

Spotlight On: Royal CIty

Royal City
owned by Diamond Richez

Royal City is a wonderfully functional, interactive city where you can feel comfortable walking through the town and interacting with the different attractions. Go grocery shopping, mail a letter at the Post Office, get your flu shot at the Dr’s office, balance your account at the bank or just shop at the mall.

Speaking of malls, Royal City has a huge mall, filled with floors of items that will suit mostly all of your avi’s needs to include men and women apparel, hair, make up and much more. Royal City is not just your average shopping mall but its an all inclusive virtual city! Visit the school, Church or just have a swim in the community pool.

The main attraction to the mall is the Luxurious Fountain Room Ballroom and Night Club suited to fit all of your party and event needs. The Ballroom can be transformed to meet the needs of a Wedding, Birthday, Baby Shower or any other special celebration event.

StoneCold Diamond Templates is a new featured store that sits in the middle of the beautiful Royal City that specializes in templates for skirts, collars and many more.

Race now, to visit the beautifully assembled, African American Cultural Museum. Words wouldn’t do the Museum justice so race right over and view the art!

Royal City has a interactive working gym with functional machines, hair salon, patio, bedroom and furniture sets with charming animations and perfectly complimenting art. Coming soon…… animated kitchens for your homes! And yes, Royal City also sells homes in the sky, so far, choose from four.

You will agree, that experiencing all the happenings in Royal City will be a pleasurable and wondrous experience. Look to see you there soon!

Article & Images by DivaTease Podless

Spotlight Interview: Nina Armeteo

I had the pleasure of meeting with Nina Armeteo, a Virtual Highway resident and creator. She specializes in skins, shapes and more according to her profile. Nina owns the Urban 4 U Shopping District and her store Urban 4 U is nestled in the center of the vast boardwalk styled sim. There are stores for rent as well as other vendors.

urban 4 u pic 2 spacer512
spacer512 urban 4 u pic 3
urban 4 u pic 5 spacer512
Chocl8 Soul: Please give me an introduction about yourself.
Nina Armeteo: Hello, my name is Nina Armeteo.  I’m the owner of Urban 4 U, a store specializing in clothes and accessories for women and men of all colors.
Chocl8 Soul: Urban 4 U is a catchy name, is there a special meaning for you?
Nina Armeteo: No, meaning just that were Urban 4 U hahaha.
Chocl8 Soul: lol
Chocl8 Soul: How long have you been creating?
Nina Armeteo: 4 years
Chocl8 Soul: Did you migrate from another grid?
Nina Armeteo: I’m on several grids as far as products i migrated from Avi Nation
Chocl8 Soul: Can you give a little more detail about your products?
Nina Armeteo: I sell make up hair cuts for men skins and clothing and some avatar enhancement items.
Chocl8 Soul: Is there anything else you’d like people to know about you and your products?
Nina Armeteo: i would like to thank all the customers that have come in and given my products a try and i would like to announce the launch of mystery gifts every month from Urban 4 U so if you haven’t checked me out give me a peak and thanks for your continued support.

Urban 4 U pic 1

Chocl8 Soul: Is there a city your land is designed after?
Nina Armeteo: The whole city concept belongs to me. It’s designed with an urban theme.
Chocl8 Soul: Is there a real life city it’s modeled after?
Nina Armeteo: Oh, no. No, real life just me being a busy body
Chocl8 Soul: Well, I like it, very catchy!
Nina Armeteo: lol
Chocl8 Soul: lol
Nina Armeteo: Trying to be different……..
Chocl8 Soul: Well, thank you for your time Nina, I will let you know when the article will be out.
Nina Armeteo: Okay, thank you for interviewing me Chocl8 and thanks to Virtual Highway for this exposure.You can check at out Nina’s store and shopping district at the following URL:
spacer512 urban 4 u pic 4
urban 4 u pic 6 spacer512
spacer512 urban 4 u pic 7

Article & Images by Chocl8 Soul

Spotlight On: Adventura Mall

Adventura Mall entrance Adventura Mall Pic Adventura Mall Pic 1
Adventura Mall Pic 5 Adventura Mall Pic 4 Adventura Mall Pic 3
Adventura Mall Pic 2 spacer512 Adventura Mall

Adventura Mall Spotlight
Owned by Virtual Highway

I must say that I was in total awe when I arrived at the Adventura Mall. The streets are paved with bricks and there are beautiful Magnolia trees scattered throughout the area. I had a feeling of nostalgia as I walked along the strip. It’s as if you’d expect to turn a corner and see an old time banjo band playing in the center. The overall view of this mall is just amazing. I really enjoyed the landscaping and architecture of the entire mall.

The stores are very spacious and offer high ceilings which are most appreciated as I am one that often have issues camming around.

For your shopping needs, Adventura is home to some of the top creators of Virtual Highway with a few spots available for rent. Stores currently at Adventura offer something for everyone. There’s fashion for men and women that includes clothing, skins, jewelry and footwear. With the rapid growth VH is experiencing, I would suggest you grab a spot of your own soon. If you are just into shopping be prepared to spend your V’s as there are many choices. You may see me parked on a bench under one of the trees.

Article & Images by Chocl8 Soul

Adventura Mall

Virtually Real: Radio 104.1…


QBNH 104.1, brand new to the Virtual Highway grid with one of the freshest approaches to the media in recent memory.

Complete with a music and entertainment vision designed to address the virtues of the monumental accomplishments of past heroes. Contemporary giants who are changing the music landscape, and future rising stars determined to make their indelible mark on the music industry. Regular features of music, also with attention to current events constructed to keep our audience entertained.

Listen to us :

Website :

Visit us : QBNH, 104.1


Dreamcatcher 1 and 2 Estates
owned by VH Properties

If you are not yet ready to own regions or vars, and you want an amazingly breathtaking house that boasts of the most spectacular landscaped views you would imagine in VH, then look no further. DREAMCATCHER ESTATES 1 and 2 would be a perfect fit for you and your VH family.

Panoramic views offer views of the impeccable landscaping and waterfalls throughout both Dreamcatchers sims. You will escape into a virtual paradise walking through the cobblestone sidewalks or gather with your neighbors by the outdoor fire pit . We even have a tree house here! What more do you need???

Dreamcatcher Estates offers house rentals that range from 100V$ to 510V$ per week, depending on the size of the home. Also, prims will match the rental rate (for example: 310V$ rental is also 310 prims).

Homes are very easy to rent, just pay the mail box in the walkway of the home and move right in! Be sure to carefully read the guidelines that must be followed to ensure that all have peaceful and enjoyable living conditions.

Article & Images by DivaTease Podless


Saw ad
Are you scared? NO?, Well, Plan to be very frightened
SAW comes to VH for Halloween!!!!!!!

YES, The Halloween Thriller, SAW is Here in Virtual Highway!

Halloween of 2015 proudly welcomes SAW. Halloween experts took the very best of all of the seven SAW movies, starring JIGSAW, of course! Join us as we take this journey through the SAW Halloween Experience (giggles). Walk through and see the blood drenched floors that will make your avi shiver and quiver (giggles).

Dare to walk through the maze or horror as the walls hold 18 keys……. If you are really lucky enough to find the keys, YOUR NAME, will make it to the ALIVE BOARD. If you don’t find all 18 keys,………… well, I’m afraid, you died at the hands of JIGSAW.

In the Halloween Area, you’ll also find fabulous stores and a great area for you to party the saw chilling night away.

So…………….. DO YOU WANNA PLAY A GAME???? If the answer is yes, DON’T HESITATE TO COME FRIGHT OVER! Only, if you are brave enough….. (giggles).

Liberty City Shopping & Dining Emporium

lib city showcase pic
This week we will be showcasing Liberty City Shopping & Dining Emporium owned by Kash Kouture.

Liberty City is a very well set up shopping sim. The beautiful buildings with their vibrant colors make shopping pleasurable. A clean new look which invites you to wander and see what all Liberty City has to offer.


Menswear beautiful mesh coats , pants and sweaters and shoes, coming in a range of colors. A definite good stop for men’s shopping, also a Poink table for you to enjoy.

Kouture Kloset

If you are looking for beautiful shoes to go on your feminine, feet then buy them  here at “KK Divas” located in the Kouture Kloset building. Upstairs is a woman’s mesh clothing for that special girl.


Looking for club equipment, tip jars, DJ tables, light tubes, or a sploder, then “MD” is the place to go.

eXcape Female Collection

Beautiful woman’s mesh  clothing, dresses, jumpsuits, pants and tops. Then venture upstairs to the “eXcape” female collection skins and shapes. The skins are very well made and all come with the shape. A must see.

eXcape Male and Fenale  

Skins for both the bold and the beautiful.  A variety of men’s skins from a young to older for that more matured look, and Beautiful  woman’s  glamorous skins.

eXcape Male Collection

Beautifully made men’s clothing. Stylish and sleek shirts, and pants and eyes of many shades.


Looking for something to wow at your party, something for your bartender or bar assistant, show someone your mood with the eMo Hud, teleporters sunglasses with hud.

Emporium Jewelers

The Emporium Jewelers have a variety of jewelry waiting to be worn. Beautiful rings, necklaces shining with many gemstones, shining earrings, contemporary  pieces, bracelets and manly pieces for the boys. Somewhere to bring your special one.

Pushinthaboxx Fashions

You walk in to this store and it says men’s, men’s, men’s…, leather jackets, shirts and hats for the fashionable man.

My Magic Fantasy

Beautiful sculptures greet you on entering. There are  plants, luscious trees and mystical objects.

Kims Closet

A awesome variety of men and women’s clothing,  sexy  glamorous day and night wear sunglasses.

Diva’s Makeup Collection

If your skin didn’t come with the makeup you want then Diva’s has the look for your eye makeup and lips, along with some feminine tattoos.

Gor-Jus Creations and animations

A number of animations for your ao.  Eating and poses plus 2 male ao’s.

K your shop

A store for you to pick up your fantasy skin, fantasy eyes, tails and  clothing.

Internal Chaos

Scripts, animations, clothing and eyes.


Your place for online indicators, events boards, notice boards, transporters,  rent boards and more.

Tres Nouveau

Decor’s for the home or office, shelving, tribal art,  and vases.

Urban Skins 4 U

Men’s urban skins, mesh eyelashes, prim eyelashes, boots and women’s clothing.

Stream Line Poles

Your shop to buy the dance pole for your venue, 30 poles to choose from plus a jukebox and upstairs the Lap dance chair, come in and give them a try.

Hair Destinations

Beautiful mesh hair in many styles and colors, short, long and modern.

Stream Line poses

Looking for that pose for your special photo then here it is.

Vasilii Designs

Well-designed clothing for both the men and woman, sexy, cute, and affordable.
The stores at Liberty City are the new place to be, not to mention the stores coming soon. Well done Liberty City.