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VH News

Welcome to Virtual Highway!! Whether your interests lie in roleplay or socializing, building or creating your own special home, we invite all of you to come and explore!

VH Learning Center is up and waiting for all to enjoy. This is the venue for building classes. Sandboxes and free building supplies provided!

NO UPLOAD FEES IN VH! We do not charge a fee for uploads so the transaction history page is being updated so your transactions will no longer show entries resulting from uploading items to the grid. BRING IN ALL YOU NEED OR WANT FREE!

VH Events

DJ Tendrik n CAH @ ECLECTICA – Tue 20 Nov 18, 3p-5p VHT, Entertainment Central

DJ Lone @ Back Door – Wed 21 Nov 18, 5p-7p VHT, VH Wandering Star

Shadowrun – ongoing game – Thu 22 Nov 18, 5p-7p VHT, New Cleveland

DJ Lone @ Back Door – Fri 23 Nov 18, 6p-8p VHT, Wandering Star

Star Wars – ongoing game – Fri 23 Nov 18, 7p-9p VHT, 53 Dark

What Is Real @ Fashions of Ar – Sat 24 Nov 18, 3p-5p VHT, Gorean Trading Post

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Role Playing

Virtual Highway has the greatest role playing experience than that of any virtual grid open on the internet. The regions in Virtual Highway are built for every genre of gaming one could imagine: Western, Sci-Fi, Gothic, Fantasy, Dark Future, and many more. These regions are open 24/7 so users always have the option of playing Live Action Role Play (L.A.R.P). There are several amazing attractions in Virtual Highway that will have players solving puzzles, escaping deceptive traps, finding marvelous treasure, and participating in a host of other types of activity. Surf the beaches, walk along the sandy ocean parks, dance gracefully in an elegant ballrooms, or go shopping for everything from furniture to the latest fashions. Virtual Highway has something for everyone, so join us today!

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