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Neither Virtual Highway Inc., nor any of its products or properties currently have any type of business or currency exchange relationship with Podex, owned by the U.K. company, PayBay LTD and there are no Podex terminals in the Virtual Highway grid.

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Residents Stats

Grid is ONLINE
Regions in Vars 419
Regular regions 280
Total regions 699
Active residents
(last 30 days)
Total residents6294

VH News

VH Learning Center is up and waiting for all to enjoy. This is the venue for building classes. Sandboxes and free building supplies provided!

NO UPLOAD FEES IN VH! We do not charge a fee for uploads so the transaction history page is being updated so your transactions will no longer show entries resulting from uploading items to the grid. BRING IN ALL YOU NEED OR WANT FREE!

Come in and explore our beautiful mermaid region named Enchanted Mermaid Isle!

Content creators' incentives, check here!

25% discounts offered to schools and non-profits!

Welcome to Virtual Highway!! Whether your interests lie in roleplay or socializing, building or creating your own special home, we invite all of you to come and explore!

VH Events

Tue, 05/24, 3:00pm, DJ Gem @ Grapevine Lounge

Tue, 05/24, 5:00pm, DJ Tank @ Beboppin' Around

Tue, 05/24, 7:00pm, Satyriasis Sheryffe @ Minerva Jazz Club

Wed, 05/25, 4:00pm, DJ Gem @ The Wolf Den

Wed, 05/25, 6:00pm, DJ Lone @ The Back Door

Wed, 05/25, 7:00pm, DJ Tank @ The Soul Lounge


Welcome To
Virtual Highway
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Role Playing

Virtual Highway has the greatest role playing experience than that of any virtual grid open on the internet. The regions in Virtual Highway are built for every genre of gaming one could imagine: Western, Sci-Fi, Gothic, Fantasy, Dark Future, and many more. These regions are open 24/7 so users always have the option of playing Live Action Role Play (L.A.R.P). There are several amazing attractions in Virtual Highway that will have players solving puzzles, escaping deceptive traps, finding marvelous treasure, and participating in a host of other types of activity. Surf the beaches, walk along the sandy ocean parks, dance gracefully in an elegant ballrooms, or go shopping for everything from furniture to the latest fashions. Virtual Highway has something for everyone and always ready to add more members to our close and increasing community.

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Virtual Highway “Free Land”

Virtual Highway has 12 Regions with 4,096 sq. meter plots. Currently, Virtual Highway has 80 Free Parcels available. More Parcels can be added in the event they are all occupied.

All Island Rental Boxes are located at the “Virtual Highway Free Islands Information Center” along with Teleports to the lots. There are some plots with sand and others with grass, so players should make sure to choose the type they desire. Staff is not permitted to change the terrain on these parcels.

There are many free items located in the “VH Free Island Welcome Center”, so players should feel free to take what they need to set their place up.

free islands

Rules and Information


Players must join “The VH Free Island” group.

Players should make sure they receive the “information card” about Free Islands.

Each VH member can only claim one island.

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Please feel free to contact Geo Falcone with any questions.

In advance, welcome to Virtual Highway and Thank You for joining our community.


The Virtual Highway Management Team