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We have changed the Virtual Highway currency exchange provider. Our new provider, as of 11/21/16, is PODEX.

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Regions in Vars 419
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Total regions 765
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VH News

VH Learning Center is up and waiting for all to enjoy. This is the venue for building classes. Sandboxes and free building supplies provided!

NO UPLOAD FEES IN VH! We do not charge a fee for uploads so the transaction history page is being updated so your transactions will no longer show entries resulting from uploading items to the grid. BRING IN ALL YOU NEED OR WANT FREE!

Come in and explore our beautiful mermaid region named Enchanted Mermaid Isle!

Content creators' incentives, check here!

25% discounts offered to schools and non-profits!

Welcome to Virtual Highway!! Whether your interests lie in roleplay or socializing, building or creating your own special home, we invite all of you to come and explore!

VH Events


Wed 01/18, 04:00 pm, DJ Gem, The Wolf Den

Wed 01/18, 06:00 pm, DJ Lone, The Back Door

Thu 01/19, 03:00 pm, DJ Tank, The Back Door

Thu 01/19, 07:00 pm, DJ Tyson, The Plantation Club

Fri 01/20, 04:00 pm, DJ Lone, ECLECTICA

=====VH AUDIO ON AIR=====

Audio: Copyright 2016, Frank Tefft

Avatars, Clothing & Extras

Click the card to TP when in world (SLURLs setup for Firestorm & Singularity) AnnaFash A Touch Of Class Business Card BeautifulPeople BEObc DAMSELFLY Business Card DarkDesiresbc DGD Business Card DiamondStyle DorPieces FashArbc FreebieMartbc hair-affair Hummingbirdstbc JCExArCas Jilly's Nest Business Card KeesOutpostbc KimsClosettbc LingOutbc LNSbc Mouthybc NuckinFutsbc SnMCreationsbc SnNSkinFashbc sos-ad TheLookbc MasqMasqbc TipToebc ToriAdore XctasyFW XctasyFM BlingDesignsBC ISBJbc AllMeshedUp Space GoroDesigns MCDesignsW MCDesignsM MCDesignsCostumes MadTattoos MCDMesh KarMaDesign M&GMane