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VH Events

DJ Lone @ Back Door – Wed 19 Dec 18, 5p-7p VHT, Wandering Star

Shadowrun – ongoing game – Thu 20 Dec 18, 5p-7p VHT, New Cleveland

DJ Lone @ Back Door – Fri 21 Dec 18, 6p-8p VHT, Wandering Star

Star Wars – ongoing game – Fri 21 Dec 18, 7p-9p VHT, 53 Dark

DJ Logger @ Wintertime – Sun 23 Dec 18, 3p-5p VHT, Wandering Star

DJ Lone @ Back Door – Wed 26 Dec 18, 5p-7p VHT, Wandering Star

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost money to come to Virtual Highway?   No. Joining Virtual Highway is completely free. To upgrade your avatar or set up a home will cost you some money, but it is not required.
What viewers can be used for Virtual Highway?   You can use any viewer not designed to steal content or exploit the system. Hippo, Phoenix, Imprudence, SecondLife™, Singularity are all OK to use. You are also allowed to use SecondInventory.
I have an account in SL. Is it possible to use the same name?   You may use your SL name (if that name is available) when setting up your account in Virtual Highway.
If, for any reason, I should wish to terminate my Virtual Highway account (which will delete my avatar and all associated inventory), what should I do?   You must send an email (via your account email address) with your termination request (please include avatar name) to:
You will be contacted via email for verification prior to termination.

How can I buy V$?   You can also go to an inworld terminal for PODEX, there are some located at the Virtual Highway  Landing and at various other locations across the grid. You may also go to their website.

There are many stores in Virtual Highway that provide you what you need to upgrade your avatar!   Please see the showcase tab for listings of those content providers. Editing and changing your avatar in Virtual Highway is the same as it is in the other virtual worlds.

What is the rental amount for a region in Virtual Highway?   A full Private region in VH rents for V$ 10,000 ($40 USD) with no setup fee. This is a recurring monthly tier to be paid inworld. A full sim has the use of 40,000 prims and has a space of 65,536 square meters. Mainland regions are available for commercial use. These rent for V$ 8,750 ($35 USD) per month and can be rented in world for 2,019V$ per week. You are allowed 15,000 prims on a mainland region and have elevation limits of 20m up or down. If you rent a full region, we have two additional options for you:
1. Homestead Regions may be rented for V$ 6,250 ($25 USD) per month, no set up fee. This is a recurring monthly tier to be paid inworld. The prim allowance on a Homestead region is 5,000.
2. Water Regions are available for V$ 2,500 ($10 USD) per month, no set up fee. This is a recurring monthly tier to be paid inworld. The prim allowance on a Water Region is 1,000.
People can’t TP to my new region!   New estates are private by default. This is not the parcel (About Land) setting, but the estate level setting. To change this, go to World -> Region/Estate -> Estate, check “Allow public access” and click “Apply” there. Now people can visit your island.
Is voice chat available in VH?   Yes voice chat is available on any regions if the estate owner chooses to activate it. Voice chat is deactivated on Roleplay areas if managed by VH due to it’s compromising the Roleplay environment.
Are there special requirements in order to obtain land?   No. You just need to have a registered account. In Virtual Highway there are no membership fees required for land purchases.
More Land Account Flexibility – Starts February 1, 2017:
Basic account – free
Premium account – 7 USD per month

Types and prices of land

Free island – for basic or premium accounts, no estate rights, no stream changing, rezz rights, have to click box once per week to retain the plot, 312 prims.

New Beginnings, 4096 sqm – for premium accounts only, streaming rights and rez rights, will come with a “locked” house. No cost other than the premium account fees, 1000 prims. Rental mailbox on the parcel will used to pay monthly fees.

Rental plot via the property office- for basic accounts. Streaming rights and rez rights, but no estate manager perms. Rental box in the property office will be used to pay monthly fees.

Purchase via the website e-form – premium accounts only, full estate manager perms. Rental mailbox on the parcel will used to pay monthly fees. The premium membership will be added to the rental mailbox on the region. If they own more than one region, then only 1 mailbox will include the 7USD per month premium fee.
Residents who currently have regions with full estate rights will be grandfathered at their current fees and premium account membership will be assumed. These regions will remain grandfathered as long as the fees are paid.

Costs and prims are:

Costs (excluding premium account fee) and prims are:
Water Region – 1,000 prims – V$ 2,500 ($10.00 USD) per month
Homestead Region – 5,000 prims – V$ 6,250 ($25.00 USD) per month
Full Region – 40,000 prims – V$ 10,000 ($40.00 USD) per month

VH now has variable size regions for rent. What these consist of is square areas comprised of blocks of 256 (standard region size). In otherwords, A 2×2 VAR Region is the same size as four regular sized sims measuring 256×256. A 2×2 VAR Region is 512×512 in size. There are no simlines, as it is actually one large region.Therefore, no simline crossing issues exist.

We are so thrilled with the performance of the VARs, and are setting up boat races on a 512×512, and have been testing flight scripts with fighter jets on our 1024×1024 region. The person bringing in the flight scripts is amazed with how much fun it is to fly with no sim crossings.

Our mainland VAR Region is 2560×2560 with our mainland in the center with open water for sailing and boating all around. We have surfing and ocean park areas along with our beautiful Tropical Paradise and Enchanted Mermaid Isle for your enjoyment. This VAR is the size of 100 regular size regions, so you can imagine the fun of sailing around the mainland.

Henri Beauchamp, the owner/developer of the Cool VL viewer, is working on the issues that viewers have when dealing with the very large VAR regions. We have offered him the use of one of our VARs to use for testing and working on the Cool VL viewer to overcome the problems. The main problem is with viewers dealing with teleporting from one size region to a different size one. They look for the same dimensions when processing a teleport. What that means at this time is well the song Hotel California comes to mind.You can TP in but you cannot TP out without relogging most of the time.

I am a content creator and I want to offer my products in Virtual Highway. How can I transfer my creations?   You have two options for transferring items to Virtual Highway:
1. If you wish to transfer prim builds with no content, you can use the import and export tools in the Virtual Highway, Hippo or Imprudence viewers. These allow you to save your objects’ prims (the Geometry) and the textures to XML files that can be imported into VH using the above viewers. Please make sure to use the same viewer for both the export and the import. Be aware that scripts, notecards and LMs contained in the content will not be included. Textures will be uploaded but named by their UUID, but you can rename the texture by viewing it from inventory once it’s done importing.
2. For items with a more complex structure, many contained items, nested prims, etc. you can use Stored Inventory (formerly known as Second Inventory). It allows transferring any object you have full permissions on, even if parts of it are not your creation (such as full perm sculpties not restricted to a grid.) Exports from Second Life™ are subject to the Linden TOS. Stored Inventory was developed as a backup tool for Second Life™, but it is also a great application to transfer your items to Virtual Highway.
If you used items purchased from other creators, for instance full perm sculpt maps, you may be required to obtain a license for the use of their products in Virtual Highway. Please ensure that any imports are properly licensed.
Are there upload fees for content providers?   No. All images, sounds, textures and animations free to upload.
What must I watch for if bringing in scripts?   All OpenSim scripts work in VH as well as most lsl scripts with some adjustments. A few lsl functions only exist in Second Life (such as llSetLinkTarget), but workarounds can be found.
Can people look at my scripts or steal the source code?   Nobody can view your script source codes unless you pass it to them full perm. Setting your scripts at “no modify” restricts access to them. Direct access to the asset data server is not possible.

It is a common misconception that buying a virtual item confers ownership of the item.   This is not the case and this misunderstanding leads to a lot of issues with copyright infringement.
When you buy an item, you buy a license right to use the item as allowed by the creator. You don’t become a copyright holder of the work in question and it’s use by you must conform to the license the creator set out as well as the terms of service of the system the item is licensed for.
In some cases, such a license is implicit, e.g. by setting permissions on an item. However, there are cases where the environment requires these technical settings to be more permissive than the actual license.
A common case is textures, which need to be full permissions for technical reasons, but their license may not be as permissive.
Full permissions textures can be downloaded to your PC and uploaded again, which is often not allowed by license, but technically possible. The full permissions are needed to make use of the textures in the world they were obtained in, the ability to export is incidental but it is still not allowed.
The terms of service of most worlds only allow the export of works by the original creator, any other export is illegal unless the creator gives explicit permissions. In the case of textures, many large texture creators give permission to download and modify the textures, provided they are only uploaded to the world they came from.
Also, the terms of service often do not allow the download of items for use in other worlds.
The bottom line is that you can not use full perm textures and sculpt maps you buy in one world in another unless both the creator and the world they come from allow this.
How does Virtual Highway protect me as creator?   VH is passionate about your protection and will do everything possible to deal with content theft. Many technical measures have been implemented to avoid copying your items in VH.
For obvious reasons, the details of the technologies we use need to remain confidential.
Virtual Highway has strong policies on copyright infringement. The measures we take against copybotters may include immediate bans, removal of infinging items, delaying cash-out, withholding funds, using copybotters’ funds to reimburse creators and collecting and furnishing information about infringements to law enforcement agencies.
I have been copybotted and found items I uploaded to Virtual Highway in another grid!   Unfortunately, that can’t be prevented by us. In order to display items we have to transfer the assets of the item and the prim information and textures to the user’s client application. Every grid, including Second Life™, has to do this. There is no way we can prevent the uploading of such captured data to another grid with less strict policies. Please contact the other grid’s management to see if your items can be taken down.
I have been copybotted and found a copy of my item in Virtual Highway!   Please file a support ticket immediately. You can also use the inworld abuse reporting tool to pass additional information like the avatar name, location and screen shot to us. Please name and describe the infringing item(s) and the circumstances you found them in. If the items are for sale, please purchase a copy; you will be reimbursed for this. You will need to provide proof of copyright. The form of such proof depends on your country of residence.
Is my script source code secure?   Yes. Virtual Highway has taken steps to ensure that script source code can’t be stolen by malicious viewers, Copybot or other hacks. Script source can only be viewed by people with proper permissions. For DMCA violations please contact our DMCA Agent.

Why are the skies so beautiful in Virtual Highway?   One of the most beautiful OpenSim features is the ability to create Windlight settings for Sky and Water as REGION DEFAULTS! At Virtual Highway we have developed a scripted HUD to allow region owners and estate managers to alter the skies for anyone who has this Windlight option enabled in their viewer.
Which viewers can see these preset skies?   Currently the viewers that support this are: VH Viewer, Imprudence, and Singularity. The concept was available to all OpenSim versions back to 0.7.1, and was enabled in Virtual Highway with the rollout of OpenSim 0.7.4.
How do I set my viewer to take advantage of these presets?   To see the beautiful preset skies, check the Preferences in your viewer (usually an Advanced tab) to ensure that “Allow Region Windlight settings” is set to ALWAYS. This gives you the best environmental settings possible for our roleplay continents and privately owned sims as well. You can of course select your own Windlight preset from your viewer and override the region defaults at any time.