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VH Events

Shadowrun – ongoing game – Thu 13 Dec 18, 5p-7p VHT, New Cleveland

DJ Lone @ Back Door – Fri 14 Dec 18, 6p-8p VHT, Wandering Star

Star Wars – ongoing game – Fri 14 Dec 18, 5p-7p VHT, 53 Dark

DJ Logger @ Wintertime – Sun 16 Dec 18, 3p-5p VHT, Wintertime

DJ Lone @ Back Door – Wed 19 Dec 18, 5p-7p VHT, Wandering Star

Shadowrun – ongoing game – Thu 13 Dec 18, 5p-7p VHT, New Cleveland

FREE LAND !!!!!!!!!!

VH Free Island joiner board


Virtual Highway is the place everyone can call home! For those who like to “try before you buy”, or those who can’t afford to rent land right away, we offer FREE islands to all!

Lets get this right out in the open these are free islands you get no land rights at all. You can’t change the audio stream. If you need land rights then you might want to look in to buying or renting land.

Once you have created your own account in Virtual Highway, all you need to do is come in and claim your island. The islands are 4,096 sq. meters and allow you up to 312 prims. These islands are for residential use only, and are perfect for making your home in VH.

To claim your FREE LAND !!!!!!!!!!

click here to register for a free account

Then simply go to the information building at Virtual Highway Landing and take the landmark and instructions. You can choose from four different terrain textures and pick whatever island is empty at the time. The rental boxes are on a wall on the south end of the Free Island landing area/Welcome Zone. Boxes in white are available for rent and the instructions are in a hover text above each box. But, the rent is 0V$.

Rules and Information


Players must join “The VH Free Island” group.

Players should make sure they receive the “information card” about Free Islands.

Each VH member can only claim one island.

Players can rez on their island only.

Each island is given 312 prims.

Importing and Exporting must be done on a Sandbox.

Security Orbs must be placed below 25m.

Buildings cannot be constructed taller than 20m.

Residents must click “rental box” once per week, or all their prims will be returned.

Islands are Residential Only.

There is no Public Nudity permitted.

Please leave the islands of others alone.

Please feel free to contact Logger Sewell or Melina Horten with any questions.

In advance, welcome to Virtual Highway and Thank You for joining our community.


The Virtual Highway Management Team

Welcome to Virtual Highway… and welcome home!