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Creators who come to Virtual Highway often ask,

What is it Virtual Highway can offer my business?

We would first like to point out that you will find many of the same modern conveniences you have come to rely upon in Second Life or Other Grids.  We have voice enabled for your presentations and meetings, you will find group choices and notices all working, and we have group enabled search features for in world businesses as well as Classifieds.

Set up your own world with meeting places for your Business, with 24/7 training or meeting facilities for your employees, complete with interaction.

Create a virtual learning environment for your students. We offer 25% discounts on land fees to schools and non-profit organizations.

Run your very own Radio Stations or set up your personal Streaming Music Server to broadcast your favorite music and advertising across the Internet.

Create Products and sell them, or rent out your own Regions to all your friends and all the new adventurers into the world you are part of creating.

Are there any incentives to help my business move to Virtual Highway?

We at Virtual Highway do not want to see you having to pay for rent on stores until traffic builds and you are able to make some return.
To accomplish this, we are offering the following:
Uploads & Imports are FREE

In addition you can choose one of the following options for selling your content:

      1. We will set you up in a shop at Valhalla Plaza, The Galleria or Adventura Mall.  We want to make sure if you don’t have sales, you don’t have to pay rent.  So, we will request that you use split profit vendors, splitting the sales with us (50%). With this system, if you don’t make money, you don’t owe money for rent or tiers.
      2. The other option is you can get a shop for FREE for 3 months on the Virtual Highway Mall. This new mall occupies a whole sim in a prestigious location adjoining the main landing point for the grid. The price for a store, after the initial free 3 month period depends on the size of the store.
      • small store – 200 prims  for 100 V$ a week
      • medium store – 400 Prims for 200 V$  a week
      • large store – 800 prims  for 400 V$ a week
      • kiosk – 10 prims for 10 V$ a week
What about Content how safe is it?

We have purposely not enabled Hypergrid. Our decision to not have Hyper Grid was reached after considering the problem of people buying your content, taking it to other grids and changing the permissions. We at Virtual Highway are passionate about your creations, and just as passionate about protecting them. We have unique security systems in place as well as a dedicated team ready to respond quickly to help insure your content remains yours.  Please get permission prior to bringing in any textures, sculpts, xml or dae files from other creators.

We offer everything you will ever need to create and enjoy your very own virtual world. No matter what your dreams or desires are, you can build it to share with others and enjoy.

Please join us, let us show you there is a difference when you decide to become a creator in Virtual Highway, we will do everything in our power to help in your success.

The Virtual Highway Team are always ready to help you, so please contact us (either in world or via the web site’s help desk) if you have any questions

Thank you, and welcome to Virtual Highway!