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VH News

Welcome to Virtual Highway!! Whether your interests lie in roleplay or socializing, building or creating your own special home, we invite all of you to come and explore!

VH Learning Center is up and waiting for all to enjoy. This is the venue for building classes. Sandboxes and free building supplies provided!

NO UPLOAD FEES IN VH! We do not charge a fee for uploads so the transaction history page is being updated so your transactions will no longer show entries resulting from uploading items to the grid. BRING IN ALL YOU NEED OR WANT FREE!

Come in and explore our beautiful mermaid region named Enchanted Mermaid Isle!

Content creators' incentives, check here!

More Land Account Flexibility...

Great news, we are offering more flexibility to our residents for obtaining land!!

Basic account - free
Premium account - 7 USD per month

Types of land: Free, Islands, New Beginnings, Web-site e-form rental... Click the link below for the complete information.

Land Account Flexibility, check here!

VH Events

Tue 04/24, 3pm VHT, DJ Tendrik n Games, Eclectica

Wed 04/25, 6pm VHT, DJ Lone, Back Door

Thu 04/26, 5pm VHT, Shadowrun – ongoing game, New Cleveland

Fri 04/27, 5pm VHT, DJ Logger, TBA

Fri 04/27, 7pm VHT, DJ Lone, Back Door

Fri 04/27, 7pm VHT, Star Wars- ongoing game, 53 Dark

VH Info Clip One

Roleplay Continents


The hauntingly beautiful world of Pandora comes to life at Blue Moon in Virtual Highway! Six breathtakingly gorgeous sims for the Na’vi to RP in.


The underwater world of the mermaids is amazing to see with Atlantis ruins, a ship wreck and even an underwater volcano! Their own club and shopping area is even there, underwater and available to swim to.


We currently have a 10 region Gorean continent. The City of Vonda is constructed, and  Tancred’s Landing,  and Lara are under development. The South Plains region is calling to the Wagon People, and the Shendi and Tahari are waiting for you.


The region community of Bowerstown is under construction and will provide a village, an industrial area and a port for the GOTH roleplayers.


Wykeham Village has been constructed to entertain MEDIEVAL Roleplay.


Under construction now is our 16-sim continent with every aspect of the Star Wars story, from Tatooine to the Battlestar.



How would you like to knock the villainous Black Knight off his horse in jousting match? It can happen in the Medieval World of Ferndale.

How would you like lighting the dynamite that will blow a hole in the jail wall to let your troublesome, cowpoke brother free? It can happen in the old west world of Casa de Angeles.

How would you like to discover a time machine, hidden in the attic of Miskatonic University? It can happen in the Victorian Gothic city of Sheffield.

How would you like to ride a dune buggy over the rubble, firing machine guns out the back at punk marauders? It can happen in the apocalyptic world of Desolation.

How would you like to rescue a very expensive drone that is stuck on the edge of a black hole in space? You can in the sci-fi area of 53 Dark.

How would you like to meet the “Ghost in the Machine” as you hack your way through data code in the dark future of New Cleveland?

How would you like to meet with a guy who says he is from Krypton and he needs your help? You can in the modern world of Union Landing.

How would you like to crawl under a German Tiger tank and plant explosives with enemy soldiers all around it? You can in the WW2 era village of St. Marie.

All of these things and so much more are waiting for you in Virtual Highway’s Avalon.

Imagination unlimited. Your role playing Mecca. Virtual dreams realized. All free. 24/7.

Contact Zoltan Mint to get involved, or CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION