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VH News

Welcome to Virtual Highway!! Whether your interests lie in roleplay or socializing, building or creating your own special home, we invite all of you to come and explore!

VH Learning Center is up and waiting for all to enjoy. This is the venue for building classes. Sandboxes and free building supplies provided!

NO UPLOAD FEES IN VH! We do not charge a fee for uploads so the transaction history page is being updated so your transactions will no longer show entries resulting from uploading items to the grid. BRING IN ALL YOU NEED OR WANT FREE!

Come in and explore our beautiful mermaid region named Enchanted Mermaid Isle!

Content creators' incentives, check here!

More Land Account Flexibility...

Great news, we are offering more flexibility to our residents for obtaining land!!

Basic account - free
Premium account - 7 USD per month

Types of land: Free, Islands, New Beginnings, Web-site e-form rental... Click the link below for the complete information.

Land Account Flexibility, check here!

VH Events

Tue 04/24, 3pm VHT, DJ Tendrik n Games, Eclectica

Wed 04/25, 6pm VHT, DJ Lone, Back Door

Thu 04/26, 5pm VHT, Shadowrun – ongoing game, New Cleveland

Fri 04/27, 5pm VHT, DJ Logger, TBA

Fri 04/27, 7pm VHT, DJ Lone, Back Door

Fri 04/27, 7pm VHT, Star Wars- ongoing game, 53 Dark

VH Info Clip One

V.H.S.A. Surfing

V.H.S.A. Home2

Virtual Highway Surf Association was born with the hopes of bringing surfing to the Virtual Highway. With all of us working together that dream will become a reality… the dream of endless summers on the Virtual Highway.”

Tiffany Magic and logger Sewell, inspired us when Tiffany Magic IM me and asked what to name her newly created surf SIMS. All she had to say is “surf” and already in my mind the association was born. When a very good friend said to name our surf shop Virtual Highway Surf Association I then created the group.

Before the wave, before the board…because to me the association just needed the surfers we could sure make waves.

The board and wave at the present time is a board and wave by Kayaker Magic. For the last few weeks I have been watching him test various scripts and he has a board that indeed brings a smile to my face. It is simply amazing to me we can actually surf in OpenSim to me that is quite an accomplishment. Many have tried to create a surfboard script and even in SL it is a major undertaking.

Kayaker Magic has been wonderful to work with, he never once told me no…he said we can try. Thank you Kayaker for bringing surfing to Virtual Highway, I for one will be forever indebted. Kayaker makes other great products such as kayaks and amazingly realistic aquatic life too, which he will be bringing to Virtual Highway soon.

Welcome to V.H.S.A!

-Marianna Monentes